Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey finished last night (sigh). Monday night won’t be the same; I don’t know how I’ll cope till next season. No more vicious Thomas and sour old O’Brien smoking and plotting. No more Anna and Mr. Bates sharing longing looks across an armload of the earl’s smalls. No more dizzy, overworked Daisy grating soap in the soup. Please, please don’t let Mr. Carson work out how to use the phone before next season. I don’t get time to watch a lot of television but  my family knows that when  DA, and Nurse Jackie, are on, the television is mine.


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2 Responses to “Downton Abbey”

  1. Rebecca Penny Says:

    Yah, someone else that Loves downton Abbey! What a Great programme! (Even if I’m the one I know that Loves it! LOL) So what now for O’Brien?? I’m sure she’s not going to be able to live with her self for causing the miscarriage, and with Thomas gone none I’m waiting to see if she turns suddenly nice or goes too?? What do you think?? RAP

  2. mholman Says:

    I think she’ll try to be nice for awhile but it won’t last, and will eventually lose it and get locked in the attic. Wish it would hurry up and come back on!


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