Advance peep of cover of next book

My next book, Hand Me Down

Hand Me Down is due for release in New Zealand and Australia at the end of 2011. It’s set in a cherry orchard in the South Island of New Zealand which is spectacular and incredibly beautiful part of the country. April is a bad girl. Tarn was a major in the infantry and has recently retired. April and Tarn have history – and none of it’s good.

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4 Responses to “Advance peep of cover of next book”

  1. Shayne Says:

    is there a 2nd book to this???

  2. mholman Says:

    Hi Shayne,
    Yes, I’m working on it now. It’s Harmony and Aaron’s story, and should be released next year. Thanks for the message – I’ll try and write faster!

  3. kate Says:

    Yay! Am very excited to hear Harmony and Aaron get their own book am looking forward to reading it. Do you have any release dates yet?

  4. mholman Says:

    Hi Kate,
    I haven’t finished it yet :) As soon as I do, I’ll post details of the release date.


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