One for the Nurses…

A friend stayed last weekend and complained that she couldn’t move her feet in our spare bed. She gave up trying when she realised I’d made the bed and she was up against HOSPITAL CORNERS.

The CORRECT way to make a bed is one of the first practical skills a student nurse learns. Patient comfort came second to making sure they couldn’t escape. Hospital corners are better than security guards. If you’re staying the night at a friend’s house in winter and she’s a nurse (past or present), I suggest you take a sleeping bag or sleep on the sofa.


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3 Responses to “One for the Nurses…”

  1. Brigette Says:

    Hilarious! A friend of the family (many moons ago now) used to enter bed-making competitions (does such a thing still exist in these non caring times?), and hospital corners were a must. It’s the way I was taught to make a bed, and I do them still.

    Michelle, I’m a new entrant and have only read Barefoot so far. Love, love, loved it, and the pleasure was so much more for seeing you are a Kiwi chick. Confirms my belief that we can do pretty much anything! Sadly that’s the only one of your books on the the shelves at the Ranui Library, so I shall ask them to get in others.

    Kind regards, and ta for the chuckles

  2. mholman Says:

    Most people won’t “get” what hospital corners are because they have duvets. You’re one of the select few who does, Brigette. Glad you liked Barefoot. Tell the staff at Ranui Library that I’m a Westie! I grew up in New Lynn, across the road from Titirangi Golf Course – which is the course Sherry and Glenn play in Barefoot.

  3. Brigette Says:

    Lol Oh dear, I’ve outed my age! I’ve got the duvet… but the sheets are still hospitalised :-D

    Love that you’re a fellow Westie (I’m Swanson via Te Atatu as a littlie and a farmlet out the other end of Sturges Road as a teen) and particularly loved your description of getting the thumbs up for your first book – made me laugh and get a lump in my throat at the same time.

    Here’s to many more


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