Hand Me Down

It’s surprising how much secondary characters can grab people’s attention.
April’s biological family, the trashy, bogun Gutsell family and their gas-guzzling cars are a hit and I’ve been getting messages asking if I have stories planned for Latoya, Lateesha and the rest of the crew. Sorry, I don’t. But they might just turn up in the future, probably somewhere they’re not supposed to be and doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.
In the meantime, please keep sending me your comments and suggestions, here or on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000015468861 . You never know, it might spark the idea for another book.
Happy New Year,

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2 Responses to “Hand Me Down”

  1. Tracy Hurst Says:

    Hi Michelle

    Love your books – when’s the next one out please?



  2. mholman Says:

    Hi Tracy,
    Hopefully, next year – I just have to finish book number six. I try to keep everybody up to date through posts on my Facebook page (Michelle Holman Author) and here on my website. Thanks for your message.


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