Hand Me Down has been on the NZ Bestseller List for 20 weeks!

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8 Responses to “Hand Me Down has been on the NZ Bestseller List for 20 weeks!”

  1. Sarah Underwood Says:

    Hi Michelle
    I was not one to sit and read books….until of late when i had been finding it hard to get to sleep and started reading books. A good friend of mine gave me her book to read after telling her i’ve just starting reading. She told me about your book Bonkers!!!!!…..Wow what an amazing story, couldn’t put the book down and now that i discovered that you wrote Barefoot as the sequel i’m half way through that. I’m looking forward to reading your other books. I think you are a talented writer and am looking forward to another sequel from the book Bonkers. I too thought once i finished it “Wonder what happened to Dan and Lisa, Sherry and the rest of the clan”.
    Thank you for your wonderful talent and your one liners!! Just awesome!!! (and my many late nights reading :) )

  2. mholman Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You can’t imagine how nice it is to get a message like yours when I’m trying to write the next book, keep the fridge and family filled with food, work – generally be a woman, etc. Thank you:)! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books and took the time to let me know.

  3. Megan Smith Says:

    Michelle, I love your books! Congratulations on the success of ‘Hand Me Down’ – I read it in one sitting (you know – book in one hand, while cooking tea, putting son to bed, etc!) So… when are you releasing the next book? No pressure!! :)

  4. mholman Says:

    Hi Megan,
    Thank you! Yes, I know that kind of mult-tasking reading very well. The next book won’t be out until next year. Sorry! I’ve got a job too so it gets a bit hectic trying to fit in writing time.
    Best Wishes,

  5. Rosemary Graham Says:

    Loved your two books that you have done. I can only say stuff the job a gift like yours need lots of time. Read your books on my lap top well knitting. Then other half had the races on.
    Good luck with the next book.

  6. mholman Says:

    Thanks, Rosemary. Messages like yours are what keeps me going :)

  7. Sarah Says:

    Hi Michelle

    Just a quick note as I begin reading Hand Me Down. I picked it up off the library shelf purely because I’d very much enjoyed the other two books of yours I’ve read. Imagine my delight when I read your acknowledgements section and realised this book is set not only in Central, but on a cherry orchard. Two years ago, my husband and I left our bureaucratic govt jobs and lifestyle block in Wellington to buy a cherry orchard in North Otago. I am going to love reading this novel, set in an environment I’m so familiar with – in fact, we’re off to a cherry growers conference next week in Queenstown, so I’ll be sure to recommend Hand Me Down to everyone there :-)


  8. mholman Says:

    Omigosh, how wonderful! There’s a story there, I’m sure :) I ADORED researching HMD and jump at any chance/excuse to spend time in the South Island. I get a box of cherries every Xmas from Meryl and Lex at Brookevale Cherries and have cherry pit spitting competitions in the garden with family and friends over a few wines. A few nights ago I watched an episode of Country Calendar about how perfect North Otago’s climate is for growing cherries; it brought back fantastic memories. Thanks so much for taking the time to contact me, Sarah. I hope you enjoy the book and the conference – Meryl and Lex will probably be there. I couldn’t have written HMD without them.
    Kind regards,


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