Herzkurven (Knotted)

New cover for Herzkurven (Knotted)Herzkurven has just been released as a paperback by my German publisher, Droemer. I love the new cover.

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7 Responses to “Herzkurven (Knotted)”

  1. Gracie O'Neil Says:

    The cover looks fabulous, Michelle. I love it!!

  2. mholman Says:

    Isn’t it cool? And aren’t you getting fabulous reviews for Touching Shadows? Go you!

  3. Stefanie Puhr Says:

    I read the book”herzkurven” and it was so amazing! It made me smile as I read it!
    The lovestory is brilliant. I like the way you write..:-)

  4. mholman Says:

    Hi Stefanie,
    Danny and Ross are two of my favourite characters. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book :)
    Bis bald,

  5. Stefanie Puhr Says:

    Mine too :)
    Thanks for your reply :-)

  6. Chimgee Says:

    Knotted is one of my favourite books now. It definitely brought a big smile and laughter. Thank you for the beautiful novel.

  7. mholman Says:

    Messages likes yours make me glad I write. Thanks, Chimgee.


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