Hand Me Down

When bad girl, April Ritchie, returns home to Pisa after a nine-year absence, not too many of the townsfolk are glad to see her back.

April’s spoilt-brat behaviour had never won her many friends, and her fast exit from town the night of her seventeenth birthday left more questions than answers.

So it isn’t too surprising that people get a kick out of seeing Daddy’s little princess reduced to earning her keep as a kiss-o-gram girl in a red rubber dress.

It seems everyone has a bone to pick with April, especially Tarn Elliott, whose reputation she unfairly ruined.
Tarn has a score to settle. April has secrets she doesn’t want toshare. Can the good people of Pisa, and Tarn Elliott in particular, see beyond the petite wee blonde’s wisecracks to the real April underneath?

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Hand Me Down

Hand Me Down

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