Michelle’s Zoo

Magnum (Divine, 2008)

Tara’s horse Magnum is grumpy and smart with a low tolerance for motorbikes especially Harley Davidsons. Has been known to turn a blind eye on what humans get up to in hay barns and deserted paddocks.

Lazarus (Divine, 2008)

Gil’s horse. A leggy, adolescent destined to become a top showjumper. Being taught by the master.

Magic (Divine, 2008)

The pony from hell. A master escapologist. Loves Tara and Waka beer, in that order. The day he stumbles (literally) onto a bottle of wine, a whole new world opens up for him.

Francine (Divine, 2008)

Norris Jenkins’ beloved, and very ugly, sheepdog. Francine is always pregnant, and Norris is always offended because nobody wants one of her puppies.

B (Knotted,  2009)

Danny’s (Daneka’s) horse. B and Danny have a love/hate relationship. Ross loves B because she doesn’t like Danny – or at least he does until B bucks him off.

Persil & Charcoal (Knotted, 2009)

Danny’s sheep/lawnmowers. Overweight and not particularly bright. Enjoy unauthorized visits to neighbours and rides home in Ross’ SUV.

Beyonce, Kylie, Madonna & The Dixie Chicks (Knotted, 2009)

Girl power in feathers or Hens-That-Know-How-To-Hit-Where-It-Hurts. Ross finds out the hard way that male intruders are not welcome in the hen house.

Otto ( coming…Barefoot, 2010)

One-eyed feline scourge/lothario of Sherry’s neighbourhood. A  hero amongst cats. Nobody owns Otto – he owns them.

Custard, the tart (Barefoot, 2010)

A pedigree rag doll cat with a perchant for bad boys. Custard can’t get enough of Otto and spends most  nights on top of fences screeching her adoration for him.